Business Recovery

PricewaterhouseCoopers consults companies in financial difficulties. Globalisation has had a great impact on our business environment, market changes occur at a new paste, competition has increased and it has become increasingly challenging for companies to keep up with new technical developments. We have a broad experience in assisting companies which have made mistakes in their policy-making, management or had financial difficulties and we can assist you in finding new ways to strengthen your business.

In several cases companies show signs of difficulties before they actually occur. If action is taken immediately it is possible to prevent the business loosing its market position or financial stability. By reacting immediately and analysing the problem in a detailed and efficient manner negative business developments can often be reversed. Seeking assistance in time can often make or break the future of the business.

Examples of problems companies often face:

  • Unforeseeable market changes and/or changes in consumer behaviour
  • Breach of contract
  • Debts or deteriorating liquidity
  • Decreased good-will
  • Structure of the business no longer works with the goals of the business
  • Operational units within the company no longer operate in uniformity with other operational units.
  • There is a need of external audit and an independent evaluation of the financial position of the company
  • An explanation and confirmation of legal and financial liability
  • Imminent bankruptcy

How PwC can help

PricewaterhouseCoopers is experienced in providing companies with financial difficulties or other business challenges advise and assistance. PwC has earned a good reputation internationally regarding consultancy work in this aspect of business advisory. We have experienced specialists in this field and access to global knowledge databases.

Examples of our services:

  • Analysis of the company's financial position
  • Identification of main issues, risk analysis and advise on the arrangement of meeting those challenges
  • Planning and policy-making
  • Explore all options of the company’s restructuring and bring solutions in collaboration with the executives
  • Advice on the sale of shares, properties or business unites
  • Advice on financial difficulties or pending bankruptcy of companies or individuals

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