Public Sector - Iceland

PricewaterhouseCoopers in Iceland offers a variety of different services to the public sector. We work locally with the public sector on various projects and we have an extensive experience and knowledge of the infrastructure, the working procedures and the challenges faced by the public sector.

As an independent body with broad expertise we can assist governments in reaching their goals, such as simplifying and modernising the public administration and improving public services. We have a skilled and experienced team which can for example bring you:

  • Expertise of the implementation of e-government and the use of ICT in improving public services and facilitating the communication between the public and the government
  • Advise on policy implementation and compliance processes
  • Advise on the restructuring of institutions to achieve reduced costs
  • Expertise on EU institutions and processes
  • Consultancy for improved working procedures to improve transparency, efficiency and appropriate prioritisation
  • Expertise in internal control
  • Expertise in transactions and financial analysis

It is important for the public sector to explore new ways in delivering public services, create sustainable institutions and promote practicality. Private/Public Partnership (Icelandic only) can open new opportunities for the public sector. Part of our services to the public sector is acting as an advisor in finding the right partnership, ways to fund projects and achieve desired results.