Transparency & Disclosure

It is important for companies to ensure effective, timely and accurate disclosure to relevant parties on all important company matters. Information from the company should be clear and detailed, reliable and equally accessible for all stakeholders. The most important aspects of disclosure are related to the company’s finances, relationship between stakeholders and risk management.

People in business mostly agree on what effective disclosure and transparency should entail. However, there are no clear guidelines for companies on how to implement working procedures which guarantee effective disclosure and transparency. Companies which have taken the lead in disclosing information have disclosed information in a broader sense than others. They have for example published reports with more detailed information on the operation than before, often including the management vision and goals. What companies gain from disclosing more detailed information is more efficient communication within and outside the company.

We stress that effective disclosure creates transparency, which is an important aspect of good corporate governance. You can find more information about our services in our brochure on Transparency and Disclosure.

Furthermore, PricewaterhouseCoopers offers you a special webpage, "Trends in Corporate Reporting" which you can find here on this page under “Of further interest”. This page has been dedicated to disclosure and transparency of companies and institutions and you can find examples from businesses all over the world, as well as guidelines, on how it is best to implement effective disclosure and transparency.

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