About Audit & Assurance

About Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance is one of the main components of our operation and has been so since PwC in Iceland was funded, over 85 years ago.

Audit & Assurance is about confirming the reliability of financial information by giving an independent specialist opinion. Audit & Assurance also provides other services and advise regarding financial affairs.

PwC’s auditors are active within the Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants in Iceland (FLE), and many of our auditors also teach in the Icelandic universities.

Our clients

We have clients coming from most if not all industries in Iceland. Our largest clients are banks, mutual funds, pension funds and investment companies.

Our services

Audit & Assurance offers our clients diverse services in the field of audit. These are our main service lines:

  • Audit services:
    • Audit
    • Due Diligence
    • Internal control
    • Other financial confirmations
  • Accounting:
    • Non-audit accountancy
    • Advise and consultancy regarding annual accounts
    • IFRS
    • GAAP - Local
  • Advise on tax return
  • Other financial advise


Our goal is to lead in the field of audit, bring our clients quality and add value to their businesses, be visible in the market and offer innovative services and new developments. Audit & Assurance has also set the goal high in being an attractive working place for both men and women.

Our working environment

Audit & Assurance has put in place training and educational policy together with other PwC firms and we offer our employees several opportunities for education and training, including training courses, conferences and workshops, in Iceland as well as outside Iceland. There are several opportunities for our employees to develop and specialise further in their field of interest.

It matters a great deal to us that we have good employees with relevant education who are ambitious and talented and have the capacity to work in a demanding but positive working environment. We work by an efficient and practical quality control system and follow in every way the international methodology of PwC.

PwC is an international and respectable network of independent firms which have earned themselves trust and fulfil highest demands and expectations.

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Kristinn Freyr Kristinsson

Assurance Leader

Tel: + 354 550 5359

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