About Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services is a separate unit within PwC in Iceland but works closely together with other divisions of the firm when appropriate.

Our clients

The Business Advisory Services provides a diverse range of companies, institutes and NGO’s services. Majority of our clients today are in the financial sector, investment management and public institutions.

Our clients are both audit and non-audit clients.

Our services

We emphasise flexibility and reacting to market needs. We always provide certain core services based on our employees knowledge and experience but our service lines are not written in stone. Some services are there for a certain amount of time, such as consultancy work regarding new laws and regulations, which proves our flexibility and capacity to react to the market’s needs. These are the services we currently offer our clients:


Our goal is to be among the first alternatives among companies in need of the services we provide.

Working environment

We stress that each employee gets the opportunity to specialise within his or her particular field of interest. We also emphasise that within Business Advisory Services operate specialist teams for us to be able to provide specialist advise and consultancy, active training and educational programs and strong connection with other PwC firms.

We make great efforts to attract the most talented people and provide support in their work, positive working environment, that our employees sense that they are a part of a team and common vision of the goals and possibilities.

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