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About PwC

PwC in Iceland is a part of the largest international audit, financial and tax and law advisory network in the world. The quality of our services have given the firm a competitive advantage locally as well as internationally. Our market position is based on the excellent talent and experience of our employees. That is why we make great efforts in attracting talented people, support them in their work and make way for them within the firm. 

There are about 100 people working for PwC in Iceland, most of them specialised in finance, audit or lawyers specialised in tax law. Our offices are in four places in Iceland: Reykjavík, Akureyri, Húsavík, and Selfoss.

Set goals

Our priority is to provide our clients with the best possible services in every division and give our competitors a worthy competition. Our motto is People – Knowledge – Services.

Working environment

We make great efforts for all our employees to get the opportunity to specialise in their field of interest within their particular profession. Furthermore, we offer our employees diverse training programs and courses within the firm, as well as training programs with PwC oversees. Each employee will get guidance from his engagement leader or project manager.

We try our best to make our employees feel well in the working place and organise annual interviews with human resources. 

International connection

PwC is an international chain of firms in over 150 countries all over the world. The concept „Connected Thinking“ describes how the PwC firms share their knowledge and experience, ideas and working methodologies, often emphasising particular industries. By sharing this knowledge and experience we achieve excellent results in every field. „Connected Thinking“ is what places us one step ahead, separates us from other firms and multiplies our strengths by making it possible to connect changes in industries and markets both internationally and locally. „Connected Thinking“ differentiates our working methods, gives us a broader perspective and makes us special in our field.

PwC in Iceland has formed a strong connection with other PwC firms all over the world and we join forces and collaborate with other PwC firms on several assignments. Our policy is to give every employee the opportunity to receive training in another PwC firm or work oversees over a certain period of time.

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct describes our working practices and the behavior we expect from all our personnel. Code of conduct is supplementary to the laws, regulations and internal policies we work by. The reason for why we have incorporated this set of rule or conduct is that we believe it is important for our clients, employees and other stakeholders to understand what we stand for and what can be expected from us. 

Code of conduct is an inseparable part of our working practices globally. Code of conduct is intertwined with our company values, which are to provide our clients with excellent services, work as a team and take the lead in the market. Code of conduct demonstrates how these values apply to our everyday work.

Why work for PwC? 

To work at PwC means working as a part of a team with experts from a diverse background who constantly try to find new solutions to old problems. We expect our employees to work according to the highest demands and professional integrity. We work together to achieve the best possible results in the interest of our clients as well as ourselves as professionals.

If you would like to work in the challenging environment of Icelandic and international business, if it tempts you to work with the largest network of firms in this field in the world, please contact us.

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