Energy & utilities

The challenges faced by the energy industry in Iceland and elsewhere, are to create plans and policies which contribute to the sustainability of the operation and at the same time comply with the highest economic, social and environmental requirements. This entails an analysis of the economic, social and environmental impact of the operation. Furthermore, it is important that the energy industry encourages research and participates in industrial development and innovation, particularly in relation to eco-friendly technology and development.

Our emphasis

By focusing on environmental business solutions, risk management and corporate social responsibility the energy industry can strengthen its credibility and trust in the market. Many companies in the energy & utilities industry have implemented the concept sustainability in their policymaking with excellent results. PricewaterhouseCoopers stresses the importance of the energy & utilities industry to work in collaboration with the environment, gain the respect and trust of the community it works in and guarantee its clients efficient and practical services.

Our experience

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